Aarkel Additive Manufacturing Group (AaMG)

We are the Global Leaders in Additive Manufacturing for Tooling Applications. AaMG has been delivering high performance 3D Printed Components to the Die Cast and Plastic Injection Tooling Industry since the beginning of 2020. AaMG has the capability to serve customers with any 3D printed component while delivering a host of benefits.

Illustration of a Thermometer indicating temp going down

Conformal Cooling

Optimized cooling in complex areas. Heat dissipation is now much faster than ever.

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Freedom of Design

Create unique and optimized designs with maximum creativity and full freedom.

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Tailored Solutions

Additive manufacturing allows flexible solutions for every special customer requirement.

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Limitless Possibilities

Hybrid Manufacturing, Complex Geometries, Venting Solutions, Breathable Inserts, Porous Steel Inserts

AarKel Additive – Capabilities & Services

AarKel’s Additive Manufacturing Group delivers high quality and reliable 3D printed components. Right now, our team taps into a range of advanced tools when supporting our clients.

  • Laser Powder Bed Fusion Technology (L-PBF/DMLS)
  • Two EOSM400 1KW Laser 3D Printing Systems (Build Volume – 400X400X400 mm)
  • Special Heat Treatment Procedures
  • Thermal Simulations guiding optimal cooling using MAGMASOFT Software

AarKel has manufactured numerous 3D printed components and have been in successful production globally with exceptional performance setting a new benchmark.

Video Courtesy – Vilas Ravindra Dulipeta, Manager - Additive Manufacturing Group

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