Die Cast Tooling

At AarKel Tool and Die, we pride ourselves in being world class designers and manufacturers of Die Cast Dies for the Aluminum and Magnesium foundry since 1977 producing best in class and most complicated tooling for complex parts.

Our dies produce, transfer cases, steering houses, transmission cases, clutch housings, differential carriers and cross car IP beams (largest magnesium casting in the world) to name a few.

Full Draft and Tooling Feasibility Studies

These upfront studies have proven to save valuable time and money. With input from the tool manufacturer early in the program, problem areas for casting as well as casting methods can be introduced for optimum tooling and production requirements. This can have a direct effect on piece price.

What Saves You Money?

By utilizing MagmaSoft, and CAE software and understanding your standards we can very early in the process determine optimum cooling, best fill, reduction of holder block sizes (leading to a reduced size requirement for your D.C.M.), improved of cycle times, closer die temperatures and in the end - a reduced tooling and process cost.

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