Plastic Injection Tooling

At AarKel Tool and Die, we pride ourselves in being world class designers and manufacturers of "Plastic Injection Moulds" since 1977 producing best in class and most complicated tooling for complex parts.  We specialize in interior, exterior and black functional parts while also establishing our 2-shot design process and build capability as one of the world’s best, as molders look to reduce in house costs and secondary operations.

AarKel Tool and Die also offers full product design and up front feasibility studies. Using our state of the art equipment and skilled toolmakers, we are able to build tooling ranging from 50 ton to 5000 ton providing the ultimate in quality on first shots. Our toolmakers are extensively experienced in the manufacture of all forms of tooling including rotary, three plates, side action, multi cavity and stack molds. From small quantity to high volume, AarKel Tool and Die can support your tooling and program requirements.

Some Recent Builds Include


  • IP's
  • Garnish Trim
  • Door Panels
  • Consoles


  • Cladding's
  • Fascias
  • Rocker Panels

Black Functional:

  • HVAC
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Engine Cooling Fans and Shrouds
  • Bumper Beams

To give our customers a large selection of options, we also offer fully managed tooling operations through our approved global suppliers (China, Taiwan and Korea). This network of LCC suppliers allows us to handle tooling packages ranging from 1 to our largest to date of over 120 components (including gauges). We are passionate supporters of North American manufacturing, but understand it is imperative to allow our customers a greater choice in today's market.

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