Die Cast Tooling

AarKel Tool and Die's extensive years of experience in the design and manufacture of aluminum and magnesium cast tooling can accommodate any tooling request you may have.

Plastic Injection Tooling

AarKel Tool and Die's local presence and global resources can assist you in your project regardless of size offering COST EFFECTIVE options and QUALITY you would expect, whether it be production aluminum or steel.

Die Cast Sampling

Our revolutionary engineering and continuous innovation, in combination with state-of-the-art technologies, allow AarKel Tool and Die Inc. to maintain our customer’s confidence while exceeding expectations in our design solutions, value, quality, delivery, part launch, and program support. We take tomorrow’s problems and find solutions today.

Additive Manufacturing

We are the Global Leaders in Additive Manufacturing for Tooling Applications. AaMG has been delivering high performance 3D Printed Components to the Die Cast and Plastic Injection Tooling Industry since the beginning of 2020.