Technologies Available at AarKel Tool and Die Inc.

Our revolutionary engineering and continuous innovation, in combination with state-of-the-art technologies, allow AarKel Tool and Die Inc. to maintain our customer’s confidence while exceeding expectations in our design solutions, value, quality, delivery, part launch, and program support. We take tomorrow’s problems and find solutions today.

Our ratio between value and capability continues to go unmatched. We acquired a LK 4400T DCM fully automated cell to help support our production of high-quality complex diecast dies, while enabling us to increase and improve our services of die sampling and development.

Specifications of DCC-4000U

Model IMPRESS DCC-4000
Clamping Force 40,000kN
Die Opening Stroke 1,800mm
Space Between Tie Bar 1,850 x 1,850mm
Ejector Force 1,000kN
Injection Force (Intensification) 2,410kN
Max. Injection Speed >8m/s
Shot Position 0mm to -609mm (0 to -24”)
Installation Power 220kW (servo pump), 480Vx3phase, 60Hz
Configuration Comply to US safety standard (incl. NADCA safety)


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