AarKel Tool & Die Acquires Injection Technologies in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

AarKel Tool & Die takes immense pride in announcing the successful acquisition of Injection Technologies in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The enthusiasm surrounding this exciting development has been truly overwhelming, evident in the resounding applause when we revealed this news to the entire Injection Technologies team. The formation of AarKel Injection Technologies now stands as a prominent leader in mold trials.

The integration of Injection Technologies into the AarKel Group represents the realization of a vision conceived back in 2015: to deliver comprehensive solutions to our esteemed customers. With this acquisition, AarKel has solidified its standing as North America’s leading provider of one-stop tooling solutions, catering to the diverse needs of all our customers. This union signifies a significant milestone in our ongoing journey.

We are genuinely thrilled about this new chapter and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve all of our customers with enhanced capabilities.

We welcome Injection Technologies to the AarKel Group!

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Dual Head TQX Series takes efficiency to new heights!

Exciting News!

We are thrilled to announce a significant advancement in our capabilities with the recent acquisition of the state-of-the-art ONA TQX10 “DOUBLE HEAD” EDM machine.

The dual head TQX Series takes efficiency to new heights. With the ability to simultaneously work on two parts or perform roughing and finishing operations concurrently, this machine slashes erosion time by up to 50%. This translates to a remarkable 200% increase in productivity!

As leaders in the tool and die industry, our commitment to excellence drives us to embrace cutting-edge technology. Its advanced capabilities ensure tighter tolerances, smoother finishes, and the ability to tackle complex geometries with unmatched accuracy.

Stay tuned as we harness the ONA TQX10’s power to reshape precision engineering. The future of manufacturing is now!

Looking for a way to “increase profits” by “reducing scrap” while improving “part quality”?

Aarkel Tool & Die is pleased to present our revolutionary “venting & cooling solutions”. We’ve put in hundreds of hours of research, design, and vigorous production testing into it, and the results are groundbreaking solutions.

Using our unique additive manufacturing (3d printing) technology, we can solve both the toughest of gas trap, and cooling problems at the same time!

Our advanced venting & cooling solutions help eliminate costs associated with gas trap defects, scrap rate, downtime, customer rejection, over pack, labor etc.

Reach out with all your injection molding problems and we will deliver custom solutions!

AarKel Additive Manufacturing Group – Acquires Second EOSM400 3D Printing Machine


The AarKel Group is a global leader with expertise in Tool & Die Manufacturing. We offer Innovative tooling solutions to Plastic Injection & Die Casting industries World Wide. The company has been focusing on ‘Metal – 3D Printing’ for a couple of years, and has already begun to demonstrate special areas of expertise. The AarKel Group is now increasing its focus on additive manufacturing, and has recently installed a new state-of-the-art EOS 3D Printing machine to ramp up production. The high performance “AarKel Additive Manufacturing Group” has been actively conducting research and development in Conformally Cooled 3D Printed Inserts and 3D Printed Venting Solutions, and will continue to focus on expanding its reach in the tooling industry.

“AarKel Tool & Die” Acquires “Mangas Tool & Die” from Pace Industries

We are pleased to announce that on January 8th , 2021, AarKel Tool and Die Inc. acquired the operating assets of Mangas Tool and Die in Muscle Shoals, Alabama from Pace Industries, Inc. The acquisition of Mangas Tool and Die expands AarKel’s manufacturing footprint for services to our current and growing customer base in the tooling market with a presence in the southern USA.

Now globally positioned with strategic full service tooling and engineering capabilities in Canada, Mexico, India and the United States, with supported manufacturing in China, Europe and Brazil, the AarKel Tooling Group of companies continues to expand the boundaries of innovation and customer support in the tooling industry, including most recently setting new standards with our expansion into metal-based additive manufacturing (3D printing) of tooling details. Mangas Tool and Die will continue to provide quality tooling and services and will operate as Mangas, a division of AarKel Tooling and Engineering Inc.

The team looks forward to continue providing you superior business and tooling practices that are well known in the industry.

A New Era of ‘Metal 3D Printing’ begins at AarKel Tool & Die Inc.

For centuries, CNC machining has dominated the way we produce metal components for the die casting and plastic injection industries. CNC manufacturing in combination with other machining operations offers a reliable process chain to bring metal stocks into the desired form. Therefore, companies have accepted the resulting months-long lead time until start of production and adapted to the limitations of CNC manufacturing by design flexibility, design complexity, rigid production planning schedules, which limits the overall design and manufacturing freedoms.

3D Printing (or Additive Manufacturing) technologies promised to offer what tooling engineers were looking for: a digital process chain with high freedom of design, cnc-less manufacturing with lead times of days instead of months, small carbon footprint, reduced waste and the potential for optimized lightweight structures. Possibilities appeared endless and provided engineers with a seemingly inexhaustible toolbox, waiting to be discovered. Additive Manufacturing seemed to be the holy grail of modern manufacturing and allowed for completely new part designs.

AarKel Tool & Die Inc. has confidently invested in Metal 3D Printing Technology. A new additive manufacturing lab has been constructed at the main plant 1 facility in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada. Our additive manufacturing team is set to begin research and development leading to innovation and key breakthroughs in the tooling industry. Unlocking advanced cooling solutions to manufacturing complex part geometries and much more!

We are very excited in acquiring an EOSM400-1 metal 3d printing machine. This huge investment in 3D printing will help AarKel design, manufacture and innovate in our complex tooling world.

AarKel Charitable Donations Committee Sponsorships

The AarKel Charitable Donations Committee sponsors the following organizations:

Minor Soccer
Wallaceburg Splash Pad
Peewee Baseball
WDSS Grade 10 and 12 Tech Awards
Chatham Grade 10 and 12 Tech Award (Pines)
Fireworks Committee
Tri County Hockey team
Wallaceburg WallyFest
Christmas Parade Knight of Columbus
Salvation Army  Food Drive


AarKel Tool & Die expands its Capacity in Canada and in Mexico

AarKel Tool & Die is pleased to announce its partnership with Platinum Tool Technologies.

Headquartered in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada, AarKel Tool & Die has agreed with Platinum Tool Technologies to acquire a majority stake in Platinum, which has facilities in Windsor, ON and in the Saltillo/Monterrey region of Mexico. AarKel Tool and Die currently operates (3) plants in Wallaceburg, ON and holds an exclusivity agreement with a design/engineering firm in China.

President of AarKel, Larry Delaey, said “this partnership now positions AarKel Tool & Die for added growth in the fast growing northern Mexico region, as well as additional capacity to support our current facilities“. Platinum Tool Technologies brings to AarKel a strong and dedicated work force, skilled in the building of injection tooling, extensive knowledge in automotive lighting, as well as a successfully developed facility in Mexico. Dan Moynahan, Randy Soulliere and Scott Dell will remain in their existing roles in Platinum Tool Technologies and Platinum Tool De Mexico, as well as maintaining minority shareholdings in these companies.

The 3 former majority owners are excited for the opportunities this partnership will bring to both their Canadian and Mexican facilities, stated Dan Moynahan. “Accelerated growth and capabilities to better meet existing and future customers’ needs along with the added ability to offer LCC pricing on various tooling is what many of our customers are demanding today!” The partnership will strengthen both companies with their collective expertise and skill sets.

The success of AarKel and Platinum is a result of its people and their dedicated efforts. Together, AarKel and Platinum with their newly expanded team, look at this opportunity of expansion to not only support their current dedicated customer base, but also to develop new customer relationships.