Complete Program Management

AarKel Tool and Die program managers value their relationships they have built with customers over the years and continue to work towards further development with both old and new. Customer satisfaction is the key to our approach of complete program management. Our abilities are a direct result of investment in our people, systems and supply base. It is these investments that deliver a comprehensive support team, with continual focus on not just meeting your expectations, but exceeding them.

Single Point Of Contact

Regardless of your tooling and program requirements, the AarKel Tool and Die team will oversee your program from feasibility to beyond program launch so that you work with one contact, increased flexibility and the direction the program will be on time.

Web Portal

Further innovation allows our AarKel Tool and Die program managers to utilize a “Web Portal” allowing for controlled and real time information flow. These can be setup on an individual tool or a complete program, whichever the customer prefers to allow for “on the fly” management..

Satisfying Customer Needs

By working closely with the customer and their design team, AarKel can evaluate the customers’ full production and budgetary requirements, in order to advise them on the most suitable method of production and project management.

Offshore Options

Our offshore content over the years exceeds 700 tools from various programs, both automotive and industrial, to deliver on time and cost effective options to our end user. With sites from North America, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan we can cover all avenues as directed by our customer.

Scheduling And Online Time Management

Managing programs and tools is made even easier using our ERP system, Vantage. We have been online and custom programming this system for over 14 years having completely integrated it from finance through to “live” scheduling on our shop floor. We understand a strong schedule is key to building a quality tool in the most time efficient manner – allow us to display these skills direct for you on your next program, you won’t be disappointed.